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1) Never talk or keep contact with your exes. Turning back is never a good sign for a current relationship.


2) Everyday try to become a great friend more than partners. Great friendship leads to fearless relationships.


3) Share everything with excitement. Every little thing happened in your day. Manage time for your career and love. You should know it better.


4) Never lie. The problems start with lying. You tell a small lie today, tomorrow it turns into big fights which creates misunderstandings, doubts, and insecurities.


5) Do more romance activities. Romance does not mean only sex. It can be long drives, movie nights with cute talks, little surprises, cuddles, hugs and kisses.


6) Talk, talk, and talk everyday. Good communication is very necessary to grow a relationship. Relationships starts fading when communication starts fading.


7) Remember, you will meet tons of attractive people in life. Maybe you will get diverted but you will always have your self control and know your limits because you are committed.


8) Relationship will never turn into boredom if you value it on everyday terms. If you do not take it as a task of your life and enjoy being in it. Remember, relationship should be a stress buster and not booster.